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How to maintain my motorcycle battery - When and with what to charge your motorcycle battery

It is advisable to perform a continuous initial charge of between 15 and 20 hours with a suitable charger for each type of battery.

In dry motorcycle batteries always without plugs and in sealed ones always sealed. On the other hand, do not forget that for batteries AGM and those of Gel you will need a special charger as if you use a charger to sealed batteries, sealed batteries will spoil. This excludes practically all car chargers. We tell you because it is usually a common mistake to buy a charger cheap for car ( wet battery) and use it to charge a dry motorcycle battery. Result: battery spoiled.

If, by chance, you stay lying down, it will not hurt to take a bike  battery starter  that occupies little space and takes you out of trouble.   You can connect it to the battery terminals of the bike with a pair of clips that are already included and start the motorcycle. That easy! And you can go to the mechanic, or at least get home.


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