How to activate your motorcycle's battery

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For  activate a motorcycle battery  it is necessary to fill it with the  electrolyte .  Remember that it is diluted sulfuric acid so, to avoid accidents or injuries, handle the battery with care, always in a ventilated place, with a temperature not higher than 30ºC and in shade. Of course, work safely and protect yourself with gloves and glasses at least. In case you do not know, each plug or glass is 2 volts so depending on the number of plugs will know if it is 6 or 12 volts. Normally the current motorcycles are usually 12 volts. In case of wet battery Lead acid Remove the caps from the cups or the adhesive seal that covers them at the top. On one side, locate an overflow pipe with a plastic cap. Remove the cap and connect the long tube that is supplied to the overflow. Fill with the electrolyte between the two lines that will indicate the minimum and maximum level of electrolyte. It is important that you watch and respect that level. Let stand 40 minutes and, if necessary, repeat the operation again. Fill always without exceeding the maximum level indicated.   En caso de batería sellada ( BATTERIES AGM) Notice that you have a container with just the right amount of electrolyte covered with a strip. Remove the strip of plugs from the electrolyte container. You will see six lugs sealed with a kind of aluminum foil. Place the container on the battery making the lugs coincide - without removing or piercing them - with the holes in the cups. After making sure they match, insert the container and press hard on the base until the lugs are pierced and release the electrolyte inside. Let stand 40 minutes and remove the container. Even if you seem to lack fluid, do not fill it with more electrolyte since you can damage the battery !! Cap and seal the vessels once activated. Eye because, once sealed, we insist once again that you will not be able to uncover it anymore.