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How to maintain my motorcycle battery - When and with what to charge your motorcycle battery
It is advisable to perform a continuous initial charge of between 15 and 20 hours with a suitable charger for each type of battery.
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How to activate your motorcycle's battery
For  activate a motorcycle battery  it is necessary to fill it with the electrolyte.  Remember that it is diluted sulfuric acid so, to avoid accidents or injuries, handle the battery with care, always in a ventilated place, with a temperature not higher than 30ºC and in shade. Of course, work safely and protect yourself with gloves and glasses at least. In case you do not know, each plug or...
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How to install or uninstall a Battery
For install the battery on the motorcycle, and avoid possible short circuits, always  connects first the positive side (+) and then the negative side (-)
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Types of batteries
Lead acid batteries: The accumulator or lead-acid battery, also called acid-lead battery it's a type of battery (wet battery)
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What is a Battery?
The batteries, also known as batteries or accumulators, are devices capable of storing energy, supplying it and being recharged several times during its useful life.
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